Alligator in Florida

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Hallo Christoph,

hier ein eher untypisches Outdoor-Erlebnis von meinem ehemaligen Jagdfreund aus Florida, bin mir nicht ganz sicher, ob das eher in die Kategorie "Game" oder schon "Fish" fällt. Ein Schuß ist allerdings gefallen...

We went to STA1W. It is a Storm Treatment Area that we duck hunt at. There are a lot of big gators here and this is the 1st year for hunting gators there. You are NOT allowed motorized boats of any kind and no trailers. You have to be able to carry the boat in or on your automobile. We went in 2 trucks and spotlighted along all of the levees until we spot a gator worthy of investigation. We use big Saltwater type tackle Spinning reel gear with 100# or heavier Mono line with large 12-14/0 Treble hooks. We find a gator and proceed to Snatch him with a hook then hold on for dear life. We had a 10+ Footer earlier in the evening but after 45 minutes or so it pulled free. We actually called this one in from 200-250 yards away by grunting and hitting a boat paddle against the water. We he was 15 feet or so away we snatched him then he started rolling &; thrashing 10 feet from us so I cast my rod and snagged him really good in the back right leg. The other hook on my buddies pole tore loose so I fought him for 10 minutes or so like a monster grouper in the ocean. Meanwhile I instructed my buddies to get the crossbow &; the harpoon cause we did not want to take a chance the hook would pull loose. So I got it 5 feet from shore and my buddy stuck an arrow into it and now we had 2 lines in it. (1 fishing hook &; 1 harpoon tip) we manhandled it closer to shore and the 3rd guy harpooned it in the side then I grabbed the 1/4" rope attached to the harpoon and dragged this monster closer to shore so my buddy who arrowed it could Bang stick it. A well placed 357 mag did him in and we dragged him up onto the bank and banged him once more in the brain before it was "DEAD". Removed the harpoons &; ropes and dragged him onto the levee for pictures. Only took 20 minutes or less, beautiful gator but mal-nourished. He had the head of a 12 footer but was skinny, I am sure it is due to his available diet. Only birds &; fish in this location...... No larger game so this poor old fella had no real meals out there.

It is pretty awesome hunting an APEX predator, something that can & will kill you adds a level of fear and adrenaline that is hard to explain


Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards / muchos saludos / saludaçoes / respectueusement / cordiali saluti / ? ?????????,

Dirk Uwe Kern, Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2007 09:14