Dear Lutz Möller,

You asked for opinions on building materials lately. I send you a link to a test of Norwegian Silencers.


Flammenwerfer: link to a test of Norwegian Silencers.

Take a look at the picture showing the huge flames from a titanium silencer ( on Dakota .330").

LM: Such ugly Flares are not unknown to me. See

Nachverbrennung allerfeinster Güte. Das Ding ist keine Bremse sondern ein Anzünder für entflammbare heiße Pulvergase!

Siehe Film!

LM: To view more Flames, please take a Look at Fuchsbremsennachbau.

I ask myself, if it possible that the titanium can catalyse a combustion of unburnd powdergaz from the load?

Morten Opsahl, Norway

Dear Mr. Opsahl,

when You look at the first Picture on this Page from Your Norwegian Magazine „Norwegian Fire“, You may notice three consecutive Stages after the Muzzle

  1. Gas invisibly escapes the Muzzle

  2. A small Gas cone shines yellow

  3. A big shining Flame occurs

Secondary Combustion

From an unarmed Muzzle "Stage 1" creates no Worries at all. The little shining Gas cone after that, "Stage 2", again  disturbs not, but stage 3 " Flame" disturbs the Hunter.

Why is that? "Secondary Combustion" happens, when hot combustible Gases meet Air with ~21 % Oxygen and the Mixture is hot enough to lighten the combustible Mixture, so that "secondary Combustion" occurs, i.e. primarily combusted Material again with ambient Air combusts.

How to avoid secondary _Combustion?

will be later continued . . .

Dear Mr. Opsahl,

Your Answer is still in the Works. I will continue later. Flame can be avoided, but other than You think.

Regards, Lutz Möller